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Household Products

The Emel Group supplies a large variety of household products, designed to cater to each and every household requirement, including ceramics, glassware, appliances, lighting, stoves and flasks. The household range has become increasingly popular for its quality and affordability, making Emel a friendly name in every home in Nigeria.

Emel is the market leader across many of its product lines owing to its impressive range of products within each category, attractive packaging and regular introduction of new designs. All products have an international look and appeal which is readily and widely accepted in the market.

The household division is proud of its pioneering spirit it was one of the first to introduce flasks which have become a necessity for Nigerians as they offer an affordable and convenient method of enjoying a hot meal or beverage whilst on the move. It also launched the concept of cost efficient lighting and energy in the country with the introduction of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lanterns.

The division has played a major role in inspiring the trust of consumers and establishing Emel as a leading brand in Nigeria.

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